Conduct of a JMC Meeting

i.The notice of meeting shall be given to all members of the JMC not less than 7 days before the meeting and the notice shall be displayed on the notice board

ii.The quorum at a meeting of the JMC shall be:

  • 2, where there are not more than 4 members
  • 3, where there are 5 or 6 members
  • 4, where there are 7 or 8 members
  • 5, where there are 9 or 10 members
  • 6, where there are 11 or 12 members
  • 7, where there are 13 or 14 members

iii. Every meeting shall be presided over by the chairman of the JMC, and in the absence of the chairman, the members of JMC who are present may elect any member of the JMC to chair such as meeting. Terms of absence from the meeting are:

  • The Chairman shall not be absent from 3 consecutive scheduled meetings of the JMC without the consent of the committee.
  • A committee member (other than the Chairman) shall not absent from 3 consecutive meetings without the approval in writing from the chairman.
  1. Questions arising at the meeting shall be decided by a simple majority vote, and if there is an equality of votes on any question to be determined, the chairman shall have a casting vote
  2. The JMC may regulate its own procedures at the meetings
  3. Strata unit owners are encourages to submit any matters to the members of the JMC to be discussed during the meting
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