Langkawi a great place to invest in Bungalow for AirBnB

Vinsen Chin or affably known as “Botak” is a specialist in Langkawi tourism and recently he sat down with us to give his insight on the property industry in Langkawi.

He sees Langkawi tourism growth increasing every year and believes Langkawi has so much to offer.  He also notices a growing number of his clients that wants unique experience like staying in the bungalow in the middle of the padi fields. However, he thinks some home owners needs to upgrade or renovate their places to better serve homestayers. This is to ensure a more comfortable and manageable stay. Essentially, by doing so, turning their homes into AirBnB places is very good income.

On investing in properties in Langkawi, he do thinks that turning homes into AirBnB place is a good investment. Vinsen says that “It could be a perfect retirement plan. You can have a 4-5 rooms bangalow, with the owner taking up one room, say the top floor, and the rest rented out. “. Demand he says is definitely growing and more people are definitely coming to Langkawi for holiday.

Vinsen however believes investment he would go for instead of buying a property would be buying a yacht. And then, assigning an existing yacht cruise and yacht tours operator to do revenue-share.

He has this food for thought – “As with most ppl in MY/Asia, “Asset investment” usually means property/BSKL/MutualFund/UnitTrust, and very few extend their understanding to things like yachts”.

He wanted to mention, there is a disclaimer to the advise.  Readers or investors should be aware of their own risk and do due diligence to any investments, this is merely an opinion.

Vinsen has been organizing speciality holidays to Langkawi, providing his client with unique experiences in Langkawi that you would normally not get from the tour operators. From yacht experiences to staying in absolutely beautiful beachfront at an affordable price. For the drinkers, he offers free flow on his yacht! And thats a bargain!

If you need an interesting holiday or event in Langkawi, contact Vinsen at his company Langkawi Suns and Sail

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