Leading Malaysian Mortgage Expert Andrew Hooi: Selangor Top 3 Investments – Bandar Utama, Bandar Kinrara and Ara damansara

Andrew Hooi is a leading Malaysian Mortgage Expert, founder Smart Choice Solution (SCS) with over 17 years in providing consultancy and services by helping others get loans faster and easily. Harta.net have been privileged to get his insights on the current property investment climate and his thoughts on current mortgage trends.

What do you think on Malaysian appetite on property investment ?

Local investors are still going strong on selected areas that sees potential in growth in the real estate market. For example: Selangor Top 3 investment would Bandar Utama, Bandar Kinrara and Ara damansara.

Have the loan approvals gone up in recent times ?

Yes in fact BNM has introduced some relaxation for first time for home buyers. Malaysia still approves about 90% home loans.

What would be your recommendations on mortgages ?

Consolidation on your debts first to see If you got extra funds to support your investment. Invest in commercial or factories as it generates income and increase capital gain.

Any particular insights to the current property climate ever since Pakatan came into power ?

Our new PH government has been looking at ways to make Property market attractive to foreign investment such as hotels, shops, retails or lands that appreciates over time.

More about Smart Choice Solution (SCS)

Andrew Hooi is the Sales Director of Smart Choice Solution (SCS), a Mortgage Outsource Company incorporated since 2001 with 16 years in Consultancy & Services by helping others get mortgage loans faster & easily.

SCS Unique Selling Point (USP):

  • Save client’s time in searching the best loan package in Town – Fast Processing
  • Simplify bank’s package pros & cons to suit different individual needs (Investment, Own Stay, Business Use)
  • Offer unbiased advice of packages by different banks. Client are always our first PRIORITY, not the Banks
  • FREE OF CHARGE on Consultancy and Services

Contact Andrew Hooi at 012 311 7644 hello@scs-mortgage.com.my



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