YB Baru Bian – Achieving Building 100k Homes A Year – Government Makes It Mandatory In Private Sector To Use IBS For Projects RM50mil or more than 50ksqm

YB Baru Bian, Minister of Works Malaysia in his keynote address for the IBS Masterclass & Conference organized by REHDA gave a strong speech in the governments direction in supporting IBS (Industrialised Building System) for the construction and property industry.

YB Baru Bian mentioned this on housing affordability and increasing population:

“The government is working hard to achieve target of building 100,000 homes a year in the next 10 years.”

YB Baru Bian stress that IBS technology helps with reducing risk to accidental injuries:

“Construction site accidents are rising. Statistics from the Social Security Organisation indicates 7870 accidents were reported in the construction industry in 2017, compared to 4330 cases in 2011; an increase of 81.76.”

“IBS components are manufactured offsite before being places and installed with miniman installation work at construction site, hence minimize the risk of accidental injuries.”

On government policies to further strengthen the use of IBS:

“The implementation of IBS technology in public sector is as high as 78% but the acceptance of IBS technology among private sector is rather low at 31%. To encourage the implementation of IBS technology in private sector, the government has made it mandatory for all the private project to use IBS technology and score at least 50 if the project is worth more than RM50 million or more than 50,000 sqm since year 2018”



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