Advises Property Managers To Not Be A Party Or Accomplice To Law Breakers – MIPFM president Sarkunan

In the MIPFM 2018 conference, MIPFM president Sarkunan Subramaniam, in his last term as the president gave a passionate speech regarding corruption and advises property managers to walk away from being accomplice to law breakers or fraudulent practice.

He said … Read more

Industry Expert: Government Should Not Have Introduced 5% RPGT after 5 years. Mr Chia, Executive Director From Deloitte suggest increase RPGT For Short Term Bracket

The government has been looking at the RM20 billion shortfall in GST revenue and in Budget 2019 introduced RPGT for more than 5 years (5% for individual 10% for company). In REHDA Institute, Budget 2019 Commentary, the industry panelist agree … Read more

What Is A Conveyancing Lawyer ? Jesslyn Foong From Tan Norizan & Associates Will Tell You

If you ever need to buy a property, you need a lawyer, and what kind of lawyer, and thats a “conveyancing lawyer”. Its a bit of mouthful but this lawyer is very important ensuring that the transaction of the sales … Read more