Layman Question Cukai Pintu/Assessment in KL

1. DBKL said increase to raise fund because long time dint raise and short of fund, but in my mind, many new high rise is built and the fund is increase tremendously as well, is that any other reason?

There are two components to your question. First is the last time there was an Annual Value revision was in 1992. All this while, all these properties were charged the Assessment Rate based on that old value. Since then, the value of these properties have increased. So when there is a revision, 21 years later on any property, of course the value goes up. The second component is the increasing cost to cover the increasing operating expenditure and development expenditure. Yes, cost has increased and even with more property units paying Assessment Rate, it is not enough to cover the shortfall.

2. Why high rise assessment fees as expensive as landed property? all the unit use same piece of land and should divide equally which i don’t think can cost so much.

More people staying in KL whether in high-rise property or landed ones means more strain on the upkeep and maintenance of facilities and amenities. For example, roads – City Hall spent a lot just to maintain roads. If more people use them, then the maintenance cost would also soar.

3. After raise the fund, it means will improve my surround environment? For a very common folks, we expected DBKL take initial to improve surround landscape / road maintenance / etc. Can you decrease your assessment rate if nothing doing to my area?

Yes, as outlined in the Annual Budget Speech, there are many plans with the funds to improve and upgrade existing facilities and amenities with the aim to make and maintain KL as a world class city.

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