ELECTION OF OFFICE BEARERS – Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the JMB

At every Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the JMB, there is an election of the JMC of between 3 to 13 members (excluding the one seat reversed for the developer) that will make up the JMC. The JMC must hold its first committee meeting immediately after the AGM [Second Schedule, S2(5), SMA] and elect among themselves the following office bearers:

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

In addition to this, the JMC is also encourages to appoint among other members of the committee for specific functions in areas such as:

  • Security Service
  • Building/ M&E installation maintenance
  • Landscaping Maintenance
  • Social/ Recreation Activities

Every year at the AGM, the current JMC members will discharge their duties and an election will be conducted to elect JMC embers for the next term. The same person may be re-elected but bear in mind that the SMA only allows JMC members to sit on the committee for a particular number of consecutive terms. Office bearers may only keep their position for a maximum of two consecutive terms, while all other JMC members are only allowed to be on the committee for a maximum of three consecutive terms [Second Schedule S2(5), SMA].

One of the seats amongst the members of the JMC is to be reserved for the developer’s representative. It is of upmost importance to the developer that they appoint an experienced and capable staff ember for this position, because if the condition of the strata property deteriorates due to the lack of proper maintenance and management, it may be misconstrued that the strata property has been poorly built by the developer.

Thus, the developer should appoint a person who can advise and guide the members of the JMC on the proper maintenance and management of the strata property, so that the image and reputation of the developer will not be subsequently affected.

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