What is the Joint Management Committee Meetings ?

The JMC shall convene meetings regularly, i.e. at least once every 2 months, as the lapse between two meetings shall not be more than two months (Seconds Schedule S5(2), SMA]. These meetings are to review the maintenance and management or any other service report, monthly account and to discuss and solve any feedback from strata unit owners and residents on issue relating to the maintenance and management of the building and common property.

The chairman shall determine the time and place of such meetings.

  1. Suggested Agenda of a JMC Meeting

i.To confirm the minutes of the last meeting

ii.To review the monthly account including receipts and expenses

iii.Debtor Ageing Report and recovery action taken

iv.Creditor Ageing Report Vs. Terms of Payment

v.Analysis of utility consumption (compare with the last 15 monthly record)

vi.Security Service Report

vii.Clearning Service Report

viii.Fogging Service Report

ix.Landscaping Maintenance Report

x.M&E Maintenance Service Report

xi.Listing of Common Property/M&E equipment defects

xii.Owners/residents feedback/complaints

xiii.Incident Report

xiv.Listing of strata unit owners ID fit-out in progress

xv.Breach of By-Laws and action taken

xvi.Update of occupancy (Owners occupied and tenanted)

xvii.The strata register and monitoring the status of transferring the strata titles

xviii.Updates of the register of Access Cards, Units number & Vehicle Numbers

xix.To consider any matter on maintenance and management of the building and common property

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