ParkEasy – Mobile Parking Leader Expands Offerings To EV charging stations

“Life is too short to be spent on parking”.  ParkEasy is the leader in the mobile parking management system in Malaysia has now expanded their offerings to provide EV charging stations. met with Warren Chan, the CEO of ParkEasy at their IOI City Mall setup and it was very impressive. With no time wasted, the ParkEasy mobile app allows users to reserve and pay for a parking slot.

Now, upon request by building management corporations, ParkEasy is offering their mobile app parking management system as a means to satisfy tenants’ EV charging needs.

As more and more Malaysians are choosing to purchase Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs), the demand by tenants to their building management for an EV charging service is increasing.

However for many properties, EV charging was not accounted for in their initial property blueprints. Thus, there is a shortage of electrical points to satisfy the demands of tenants safely. Also, overdrawing of electricity poses a very serious electrical fire risk.

Yet, even for properties with spare electrical capacity there are still other concerns. Firstly, the electricity fees amount to a considerable sum and many building managements face complaints that it should not be charged under maintenance fees, especially when only a few tenants are using the EV charging facilities.

Secondly, standard wall point charging points take up to 8 hours to fully charge a regular PHEV. This means that in a given day, the number of cars that can be serviced by an electrical charge point are few. Moreover, there is no guarantee that a tenant who has fully charged their vehicle will vacate the EV charging bay for another tenant after they are done.

ParkEasy’s solution is being warmly welcomed by the market. They consult with building managements to install commercial EV chargers together with a ParkEasy parking management system.

Commercial chargers are able to charge an average PHEV under 2 hours, therefore allowing many users in a single day. But more importantly, these chargers are installed by professional electricians and the equipment has high safety standards to ensure no risk of electrical fire.

Furthermore, ParkEasy uses the same technology they have deployed in shopping malls to manage the car park bay. ParkEasy installs smart parking barriers that: (1) prevent non-EV vehicles from parking; (2) charges users directly for parking – this means that electricity costs are not paid through maintenance fees; and (3) users are able to see whether the EV bay is available or occupied in the ParkEasy app.

Here are some common Q&A on ParkEasy EV charging station solution:

– Where can I charge my EV car?
You can charge at the new EV bay that we have converted from visitor’s parking.
– Why our charger always occupied by that one guy?
Residents must pay hourly for parking at the EV bay.
– Is the charger available? I lazy go downstairs to check.
You can check real-time availability in the app. You can even request to be notified if the bay which is occupied becomes available.

Building Management
– How to pull cable to every resident?
Just convert 1 visitor bay into a commercial EV charger (fast-charging).
– How to prevent electrical fire?
Commercial EV charger is installed with all protections to prevent overheating and electrical overload.
– Who’s going to pay for the electricity?
The users of the EV bays themselves will pay for their usage of the EV bay.
– According to ELECTRICITY SUPPLY ACT 1990, we are not allowed to sell electricity. How?
We do not sell electricity. We sell parking.
– How to prevent non-EV from parking?
The parking is blocked by the ParkEasy smart barrier.
– How to prevent resident from parking the whole day?
The parking is charged hourly. So if the resident parks the whole day, he will have to pay whole day (even if he is fully charged).

There is also one key point he stresses, why EV cannot charge at normal 3-pin plug point? And the key reason is NOT to overload the electrical system! Here are some pictorial hazards that can occur.


Contact Warren’s ParkEasy solution as a better way to monetize your parking area and also to charge your EV cars!


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