Marcus Teoh – Property Agent Full House Crowd On Zero Budget Facebook Marketing was invited to Marcus Teoh event for property agents on the 14 September 2018. This was a full house crowd with over 40 people signups. He is famed for his Zero Budget Facebook Marketing or shortly known as ZBFM, a best selling author.  He gave this passionate talk on how using Facebook with his technique to improve sales and business in the property sector.

With property market as he described it as “soft” and as well property agent in a highly competitive market, he encourages them in this workshop to use his techniques of marketing on Facebook with zero cost in addition to existing marketing channels.

He described Facebook paid advertisements as costly and the returns are not necessarily justifiable. To do well in Facebook advertisements, one still need to find the right angle to attract audience and this can be tested first on a personal account before paying for advertisements. If lucky there would already be inquiries.

From his workshop, it is highly important to gain visibility of what you are doing on Facebook. People should know what you are selling, but in an indirect way, meaning hard selling is not recommended.

Some of the techniques he gave on Facebook marketing is utilizing Power Teams. He gave example of his own power team mates in the property sector such as renovators, landscape and others.

On ZBFM lead generation, here are some story post hack techniques:

M – Motivational
E – Educational
M – Moving / Touching
E – Entertaining
P – Public Service Announcement
O – Opportunity

His talk is very motivational and practical.  He has been invited to IQI Properties, BFM Radio and his is now booked to give his talks in US. Get his bestselling book “Now or Never” at MPH or through him. For more insights to Facebook marketing please checkout his website at

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