Naga from Novo Reperio showcases the power of VR technology for the Property Industry

Mr Naga R Krishnan is the CEO of Novo Reperio Sdn Bhd, a specialist company in bringing VR and AR into property industry. He showcased to a very impressive VR walkthrough of a property unit. This itself is a very powerful visualization for marketing property.

Here is an interview with him on Novo Reperio Sdn Bhd and his vision on having 3D technology incorporated for the property industry.

Could you let me know what are the core products and services of Novo Reperio Sdn Bhd ?
Novo Reperio’s 4 core services:
1) Virtualization of physical space: We 3D scan a physical space and transforms it into an interactive 3D Virtual Reality content)
2) Augmented Reality: We create Augmented Reality apps and and all the required digital contents.
3) Digital City: We aerial scan empty plot of land and digitize it. We add value to the digital map by plotting township models, digital structures and we embed this into google earth like Map.
4) IT Infrastructure Support: All IT related supports that required to develop, execute and maintain the above services.

Your 3D technology for showcasing property is quite amazing, are there certain features you wish to highlight ?
There is 4 Core features with the 3D Showcase which is highly useful for developers and real estate agency.

1) Dollhouse view: Overall View of the entire space in 3D.
2) Inside Walk-through: You can walk inside the show-unit virtually, from door to the rooms. You can even walk up the staircase and explore all levels.
3) Floor Plan View: You can view the as-built floorplan. You can see actual interiors placed in the house in the floor plan mode.
4)Virtual Reality Conversion The inside walk can be converted into VR view. All you need is a pair of VR goggles. Show 15 homes in 15 minutes, simple and effective selling tool.

Are there certain misconception on this technology in the property industry ?
No, there is no misconception. 3D Showcase is much more than a 3D model. It’s all-in-one property visualization, right in your web browser or virtual reality headset. With the embedded WebGL player, including engaging 3D content in your website or apps is easy. This is not only used in property industry, we have ventured into other form of space scanning, like exhibition, ballroom, wedding space, restaurants and more.

How do you see the future for property business technology ?
We are in the VR, AR & MR era. Novo Reperio’s 3D VR showcase is extremely useful in marketing of physical space and can be used as a digital training material. There will be more technology based services and there will be more advancements in the VR & AR sector in years to come.

Do contact Mr Naga and his team at Novo Reperio Sdn Bhd on their very cool VR technology.

Naga R Krishnan
[email protected]
Novo Reperio Sdn Bhd

Here are some of the VR showcase:

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