Vera Dingle – An Artisan Landscape Consultant – Science Meets Art

Vera Dingle, an extraordinary lady, who is the Landscape consultant for Vera Joan Outdoor Living. Vera is very experienced with her many landscape projects that has helped so many of her customers create beauty in their gardens. Vera shares with us her expert opinion on her landscape business.

What makes Vera Joan Outdoor Living special?
We are Outdoor Living Specialist. Trained to create Outdoor Room based on our client’s lifestyle. Having branches overseas, we have experience in different form of culture, weather and lifestyle. Design and build, exhibition spaces and residential. We also have another company which is into Biotech Organic Farm. Our experience is thus unique which is some aspect there is this marriage of Science meets Art.

How would you describe your style?
A resort feel based on the customer lifestyle. A design must go with substance.

What are your inspiration when creating landscape design?
Watching people especially children. Nature talks if we listen.

Can you explain on the business of a Landscape Consultant?
We hold a number of roles. Marriage councillor, psychiatrist, designer, fortune teller, builder, baby sitter! In Vera Joan Consultancy, we will sit with customer and go through their wish list. Find every angle to implement it at the lowest cost and maximum pleasure. Write the brief for the designer. Design. Build. Maintain.

Is there a particular landscape that you would like to have a chance to do?
I have a dream to bring Malaysian Garden to Chelsea Flower Show in UK.

Describe on your most interesting landscape experience with the customer?
You make the coffee and bring the cake. This is a normal practice for us after completion of a garden, where we call customer in a duration of one month, 3 months, six months and one year.
When I visit this lady, as soon as I arrived she took my hand and said thank you. I was baffled and I told her that I was supposed to thank her for giving us the opportunity to do her garden. She held my hand and said, Vera you saved my life. Six months ago, I received a call from Puan Saleha that I was referred to her by her sister. She wanted to do her garden like a resort so that her children and grandchildren will come a visit her more often. Upon checking her lifestyle, a resort is not what she needs as this required more maintenance she and her husband travels often to visit her other children. When we presented, she was quite annoyed that it was not according to her brief. She loves to read and enjoy sitting outside to have her breakfast. We designed a garden for that purpose. For her and her husband. I wanted to tell her so much that if her children love her, regardless whether one have a beautiful garden or not they will make a point to come. Back to why she thanked me. Apparently, that few months ago, before we did her garden she was going through a depression. All her children have left the house and it just empty. She felt that she had given all her life to bring up her family and they do not need her anymore. She was lonely and alone. Her husband still worked and they have reached a point in their lives that it was monotonous. Her whole reason to do her garden was to have her children come every weekend.

What happened after doing her garden?

Her husband comes home and sit with her in the garden talking before going in for dinner. Sometimes they have dinner outside and plan their weekend going to nurseries to buy more plants or small guppies for their small pond. Her relationship with her husband was rekindled. Magic happened. Her children saw the difference and made more effort in visiting her as she was more positive. Most of the time it’s the passion and skill that we pick up over years of designing and interacting with 3,000 customers’ lifestyle.
Tip: It’s important to base the garden design for everyday people and lifestyle.

For enquiries to Vera Joan Outdoor Living landscape expertise, do contact Vera Dingle at:
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