CCTV with Face Recognition Support – RS TechWin

Jeffrey Yang is a young but highly successful entrepreneur. At only 27 years old, he has build a very successful CCTV home security company called RS Techwin Sdn Bhd.

RS Techwin Sdn Bhd now has a very powerful face recognition for the CCTV system that he demoed. Within a short period of time, he is able to find out a person that was captured in the CCTV. This system is highly suitable for buildings and even malls.

Jeffrey is a graduate with Bachelor of Arts in business at KDU College Penang Malaysia in 2013. During his time in college, he was already selling tablet PCs online.  And he achieve the highest record with RM150k sales in one month, just by selling tablet PC using online platform.

Here is a brief history of his achievements:

2014 – Started supply and install for construction building, government and police station
2015 – BMS Technology
2016 – Lead company engineer to create Home Automation and provide Industry 4.0 solution
2017 – Transform company normal video recording solution to advanced video analytic include Face and License Plate Recognition, Object Tracking, Smart Retail and etc.
2018 – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, Iris Recognition 2019 – Artificial Intelligence (AI) Human Behavior Monitoring

For CCTV and security system solutions, do contact RS Techwin Sdn Bhd at their special toll free number 1-800-18-0026.


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