AirBnB Sleepy Bear Strive To Provide Hassle & Worry Free Experience For Property Owners

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Sleepy Bear, an AirBnB superhost operator really takes care of your property and provides the best experience for the guest. got this special insights from Ms.Rui, one of the founders, to explain about running AirBnB business and how they do it special.

How many AirBnB units do you manage and at which property ?
In 2017, we managed 40 units around KL. More than half of the units ceased homestay rental in the early 2018 due to Airbnb ban in 3 major residential condos we managed. Since then we continued to expand at commercial or Airbnb friendly buildings. We are currently managing properties in KL and Penang. We are launching our Penang property in November, managing for a developer. Our clients vary from individual owners and businesses such as developers and property investment groups.

What are the challenges of running AirBnB business ?
The largest challenge of all for us is the building regulations and resistance of residents. Learning from our experience, we make sure that the building is of a commercial title, or even better if it is friendly towards homestay rental. It is difficult to operate if the building management makes things inconvenient for guests and operators.

What is special about your service ?
Sleepy Bear strive to serve 2 groups of people, property owners and guests. We strive to ensure a complete hassle and worry free experience for property owners. To achieve that, we go as far as helping owners with their bills not related to homestay operation, such as condo maintenance fee. We also provide timely monthly rental payout, notification and the highest transparency to owners for their ease of mind. We are not only an Airbnb operator to them but also their property manager, all included in one fee. With us, they don’t have to worry about a tenant calling them for a ceiling leak. Our overseas or outstation clients love our full fledge service. We are also flexible in making things work according to owner’s situation. For example, in order to make homestay rental possible for everyone, our internal interior styling and furnishing team uses their expertise and experience, to reduce non value-added expenses and turn owner’s property into an attractive space within owner’s budget. This is a hard to find service in the market as most interior design and setting up costs a huge deal.

On the guests side, the founders come from a humble background as a Airbnb Superhost, started off being completely hands on in the operation and guest relationship management. This is one of the huge differences between Sleepy Bear and most operators in the market coming from a commercial background. Having the founders spent hours a week with their guests and doing the housekeeping themselves before, it helped generating a very strong values in the team as they truly understand their guests. This ensures the homestay quality is maintained when the business and the team grow rapidly. Guest reviews and great experience play a huge role in owner’s benefit and rental performance.

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Is there anything you would like to see happen in the AirBnB industry?
We believe that homestay rental is a great alternative for property owners. It allows owners to get out from a competition with 700 other owners in the same building for a tenant, but instead, take advantage of the tourism market for rental income. Thanks to this co-sharing economy, owner now has an alternative or diversity to increase rental yield, and reduce rental losses while looking for their ideal tenant. We hope that building management or residents etc can take a step back and look at how a win-win situation can be achieved if Airbnb is regulated in a building instead of downright banning Airbnb in a building.

We also hope that Airbnb operators, especially the big players with major influences, should focus on creating values for the guests instead of cutting rooms rates and starts a price war. With the margin maintained, operators can provide better service to guests and better return for owners over the long term, not just a short term gain of the operator.

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