Alp Asia (M) Sdn. Bhd. (“AASB”) Championing Building Painting Works in Malaysia – Nor Ashikin Murad Explains The Process

Alp Asia (M) Sdn. Bhd. is an established company that is specialized in building painting works and more. caught up with Nor Ashikin Murad, Sales & Marketing Manager for Alp Asia (M) Sdn. Bhd. to find out more.

1. Tell us more about Alp Asia and your specialty (products and services)
Alp Asia (M) Sdn. Bhd. (“AASB”) was incorporated in 2007. The company has been established about a decade ago. Its current authorized capital stands at RM500,000.00 and with a paid up capital of RM300,000.00. Since its inception, AASB has grown from strength to strength. We started from merely a building façade cleaning service provider and subcontractor in the building refurbishment works. Not long after that we added more services in our portfolio and since then we have been steadily gaining market share in the corporate, commercial and residential sectors in the Klang Valley. For the past seven (7) years we pride ourselves as being a main contractor in the building refurbishment, repair and maintenance works. Our core business activities are categorized as
a. Building Repainting
b. Metal & Roof Coating
c. Waterproofing and Sealant Works
d. Safety Line Installation
e. Façade Refurbishment & Repair Works (for Roof, RWDP & Gutter)
f. Façade Restoration & Cleaning

We have also developed our Rope Access Team which is capable and competent to undertake tasks which were previously perceived as impossible in the conventional manner of repair and remedial works.

2. Can you explain how a building painting job would be like? (e.g. the process, people and challenges)
Upon successfully being awarded a painting project, there are a few standard procedures involved in the painting process. The flowchart below shows the step by step procedure to be carried out:-

In most painting projects client will expect the contractor to commence work soonest possible upon issuance of PO or LOA. This however is hindered by the requirement to obtain the relevant authority’s approval e.g. DOSH on the installation of machinery eg. gondola and skyclimber. Normally it will take about 3-4 weeks to get the approval. In order to overcome clients’ impatience or rather anxiety we will mobilize our Rope Access Team to start the painting work.
Sometimes we also encountered clients who were indecisive in making up their mind to confirm the colour scheme design and would take quite a while to decide. Usually we will provide three (3) colour scheme designs for them to select. Without the colour confirmation we can’t proceed to order the paint thus this will also delay the work.
There are also some building owners / MC who are very meticulous and will monitor our work to ensure that every step of the painting application process is adhered. While this is good so as to avoid future disputes, we feel that they are micro managing the painting works and do not give much space and freedom for us to carry out the works independently despite the provision of 12 months Defect Liability Period (DLP) and Performance Warranty of minimum 5 years.
Another challenge is the weather factor. Doing painting works during rainy or monsoon season can be quite a challenge for us in that it could delay the work progress as we have certain deadline to complete the works and to avoid the Liquidated and Ascertained Damages (LAD) imposed on contractor. However with valid justifications an Extension of Time (EOT) shall be considered by client.

3. How much efforts have you put into safety requirements? (certain SOP / standards)
We have established our Safety Policy and Guidelines for the workers to abide. Our Site Operations personnel who are working at height / rope access team have undergone a skills competency training conducted by the South East Asia Climbing Federation (SEACF). Our workers are certified to undertake high rise building maintenance works. They are well equipped with PPE while carrying out their job at high rise building or any work at height condition.

4. Malaysia weather can be very harsh with heavy rain, humidity and hot weather. How much of a challenge on getting the right paint?
The paint applied is according to the areas whether exterior or interior. Hence for exterior where it is subjected to harsh weather condition we will apply the weather shield paint to protect against the weather. We also have other paint alternative which is silicone paint and technology from Germany that is more durable as opposed to the conventional acrylic paint. Silicone paint has many advantages in which it is water repellant, breathable and high resistance against algae / fungus growth. We can provide a warranty of up to 12 years for silicone paint. Consequently this will reduce the hassle of having to repaint the building every 5 to 6 years if using the conventional acrylic paint.

5. Waterproofing has been quite a concern especially those living at the penthouse. Penthouse owners complain a lot about leaks. How can waterproofing be done right?
Waterproofing system has its life span thus it is important for building owners to determine which system or waterproofing material is best suited for their building depending on the areas whether it is at the bathroom, ceiling, wall or roof top. Of course developers will only provide a 24 month DLP and then the onus is on the owner.
There are two (2) main water proofing systems for RC slab:
a. Bituminous felts (historically) and
b. Polyurethane membrane (recently used)

With the advancement of technology, building owners can make a wise decision on which system to use for durability and peace of mind. The Polyurethane Membrane (PU) is far more superior in quality as compared to the bituminous felts.

The advantages of PU over Bituminous felts:
1. Offers higher elasticity & tensile strength
(e.g. bituminuos felts is rigid and lose strength rapidly due to ponding).
2. Allows vapuor permeability from all weather conditions. Does not trap gas and cause delamination.
3. Seamless application to shape as per floor leveling or contour to fill all joints as well as edges.
4. Various remedial / floor treatment will be carried out to reduce porosity, seal crack lines and capillaries prior top layer.

Do contact Nor Ashikin Murad (0125166586) for more information on Alps Asia Sdn Bhd products and services.

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