Tadom Hill Resorts – Interview with Dato Lai – Funfilled bamboo resort just minutes away from KLIA

Tadom Hill Resorts at Banting is just about 15 minutes away from KLIA. This unique resort is different then the normal brick and mortar resort. Dato Lai Yeng Fock the founder explains that most of the materials for building the resort is made out of bamboo and run as a joint venture with the orang Asli community. Its the perfect getaway especially those who enjoys the outdoors.

Dato Lai Yeng Fock shared his very inspirational story about Tadom Hill Resorts. Watch our candid interview with Dato Lai Yeng Fock as he talks about the concept of the place and business.

We had a tour of the Tadom Hill Resorts, it is really packed with activities. One that really caught our attention is “Tarzan Swing”.  Here is some of their exciting activities.

Land Activities:
Giant Jengga
Table Tennis
Basketball (loop)

Water Activities:
Diving Platform
Tarzan Swing
Bamboo Rafts


All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Ride
Tadom Flying Fox

As for accomodations, they got all sorts from family to school fun. When we were there, there were 2 international school kids group really enjoying themselves.

What are you waiting for, escape to Tadom Hill Resorts. You can expect a comfortable stay in a natural surroundings!

Visit tadomhillresorts.com

Bukit Tadom, Kampung Labohan Dagang,
42700 Banting, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
012 – 5225728
012 – 5225908
012 – 5225883
[email protected]

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